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We Strive for Extraordinary.

Making you aware of all your options is our job and we’re here to protect you, our valued buyer. At VanOverschelde, we guarantee to keep your best interests in mind with honest and fair pricing and procedures. Because we care, we want you to understand what is happening in the custom home industry.

We Prioritize Excellent Service

When purchasing a home, we understand that many home buyers want the peace of mind that the investment they are making is a sound one. While we guarantee this with the homes we build, you never know what might occur to cause potential damage to your property, such as inclement weather. As such, we make sure to provide an exhaustive warranty in order to provide your home with protection for many years to come. The first year of the warranty covers any issues with the materials or workmanship used in the creation of your home. The second year of this warranty provides coverage for a wide range of mechanical systems within the house, including the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

Our Quality is Top Notch

At VanOverschelde, we utilize only the highest quality materials and products in order to ensure that your home lasts for a lifetime. Our designs are timeless, which keeps you from feeling as though you need to upgrade to a more modern design every five or so years.  All the building materials that we use during the construction of the home are name brand ones, which ensures that the quality of the actual materials is among the best in the industry.

Our features are flexible, as the design and layout of your home depends primarily on what you want it to be. We make sure to design each house that we create to be as energy efficient as possible. Even after the home is finished being constructed, we want our customers to save as such money as possible when living in the home. High quality is one of the most important aspects of building a home for us, as we aim to do everything in our power to be the best home builders in the Sioux Falls Metro Area.

We Aim For Energy Efficient Homes

The key to building a home that you will want to live in for many years to come is to make it as energy efficient as possible.  We accomplish a high energy efficiency with our homes through a myriad of factors.  An example of some of the additional portions of a home that will make sure are energy efficient include the thermostat, windows, doors, insulation, vents, air ducts and other household appliances. These appliances have all received the Energy Star rated.

We Provide An Experience

VanOverschelde Custom Homes was founded over 8 years ago by people that truly believed that customers should receive the very best quality home, at a great value and provide a stress free experience throughout the process from beginning to end. We have maintained this vision throughout the years and into this current home market. The years of experience that we have in the industry has allowed us to raise our quality and perfect our service so that we stand out among other South Dakota home builders to be seen as one of the best home builders in the Sioux Falls market.

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